Board Vice Chair

Nancy O’Malley served as the Alameda County District Attorney from September 2009 to her retirement in January 2023. The first woman to serve, she is a nationally recognized expert in issues involving violence against women and persons with disabilities, child abuse, and human trafficking. One of DA O’Malley’s passion projects is the creation of the Alameda County Family Justice Center. For over 15 years, the center has provided thousands of victims of violence with a range of services. It has received numerous awards for excellence and is a model for communities across the country. She is a shining role model for CRDLS students and a touchstone of justice for all. As the youngest of eight children and a proud product of a Catholic school education, DA O’Malley brings heart and experience to our school.

Under DA O’Malley’s guidance, the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office continues its partnership with our Corporate Work Study Program, having engaged multiple CRDLS students in the past few years. She is delighted to be on the Board of Trustees, commenting, “My experience with students through the Corporate Work Study Program has been inspirational.”