Are you feeling overwhelmed? Unsure? Needing some guidance, information, validation and affirmations about some of what you are feeling and experiencing? Or are you just looking to learn new things as part of your personal growth and development? Either way, please take some time to check out the videos that Ms. J. and Mrs. Z will continue to post for the CRDLS community on topics related to mental health and well being. We want to be a resource and a support to our community! If any of these topics resonate with you and you want more information or need more support, please reach out to us personally!

Welcome to our Wholeness Self Help Library

Understanding and Managing Panic Attacks

In this video you will learn a bit about panic and panic attacks and how they can impact your wellbeing.  You will learn a bit about the symptoms of a panic attack as well as how to manage the thoughts and physical sensations that go along with a panic attack.

How Your Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors Might Be Ganging Up On You

Our negative thoughts make us feel bad and our negative feelings, make us block our own shine, and when we block our shine we reinforce our negative thinking. BUT there is a way out of this cycle. Join Mrs. Z to find out how!

It isn’t You! It’s Your Limbic System

When it comes to your brain not everything is in your control. Join Ms. J to learn more about your limbic system, the part of your brain that regulates your emotions, fight, flight and freeze response and more!