Income and Family
  1. Cristo Rey De La Salle HS serves students and families of limited economic means.
  2. Cristo Rey De La Salle exists for families who value a high-quality private,  Catholic education, who could not otherwise afford this opportunity. CRDLS and is open to students and families of all faith.

​​If you are unsure if your family falls in the right income level, please contact the admissions office to learn more.


Corporate Work Study Program
  1. Students must be at least 14 years old on or before the first day of work. (accommodation can be made if student falls just outside of these date)
  2. Students must have or be able to obtain a Social Security number.
  3. Students must commit to work five full days a month.


  1. Good discipline and attendance record
  2. Motivation and Maturity – Studying AND working as a high school student is not easy. Students should show the maturity and motivation to be able to handle both aspects of our curriculum.
  3. Openness to religious values – Our Catholic faith guides our curriculum and practices. While it is not a requirement to be Catholic to attend, students should be open to a faith-based education.
  4. Cristo Rey De La Salle has limited ability to offer services for students with 504s, IEPs and other special needs. However, all applicant files are reviewed on a case by case by the Admissions Committee to determine if we have the capacity to serve the student.​


Please don’t hesitate to apply!