2.0 Course Sequence and Graduation Requirements

Students complete the following courses during their four years at CRDLS. These graduation requirements exceed the University of California A – G requirements and focus on preparing students for developing a successful and competitive path for college acceptance. In California, to be eligible to enter a four-year public college (either the California State University or University of California systems), students must meet a series of course requirements called “A through G (A-G)”. Students are required to complete and pass the A-G course requirements with a grade of C or better.

At CRDLS, we recognize that our students need to go beyond what is required. To meet this goal, we encourage all of our students to take more academic classes than required and to take the most challenging classes available. Students are encouraged to take honours level or Advanced Placement (AP) classes. AP classes are considered college-level work and if a student passes the AP exam, they can receive college credit for the class.

  • English: 4 years
  • Mathematics: 4 years
  • Social Science: 3 years
  • Laboratory Science: 4 years
  • Modern Language: 2 years
  • Health and Wellness: 1 year
  • Visual and Performing Arts: 1 year
  • Catholic Studies: 4 years
  • Corporate Work Study: 4 years

Cristo Rey De La Salle High School Course Sequence
University of California and California State University System Minimum Requirements
Terms and Report Cards

The school operates on a semester system within which quarterly reports are generated. While quarterly reports are progress indicators, semester grades are permanent and are printed on the student transcript. All report cards are mailed home.