One-on-one mentoring for every student
  • Every single student will have a mentor at school – a school leader or one of their teachers, whom they’ll meet with at least once per week.
  • Students will work closely with their mentors to set both short and long-term goals. We want to teach students how to become good goal setters – an invaluable college, career, and life skill.
  • This time also allows teachers to develop strong relationships with students to truly understand their passions, interests, and aspirations and how they can help them achieve those goals.
  • We want students to graduate high school with a sense of purpose, which we define as an understanding of their interests, values and skills, and having an credible path after high school for translating those interests, values and skills into a life of well-being.
  • Most immediately, students need a next step out of high school that is aligned with the long-term goals they hope to achieve, that are supported by family members, teachers, and other important adults in a student’s life.