For Corporate Partners

    • Innovative staffing and workforce development solution


    • Stabilizes high-turnover positions and reduces burnout in full-time staff


    • Talented workers in the next wave of the labor force can be identified


    • Enhanced diversity pipeline


  • Making a positive difference in the lives of students with limited economic resources

For students

    • Acquire skills necessary for success in the workplace


    • Develop self-efficacy and agency required for a viable, productive future


    • Increase in social capital


    • Exposure to a wide range of mentors


  • Opportunity to earn income via holiday work

For the school

    • Serve a community where resources are most scarce and most needed


    • Provide a rigorous Lasallian college preparatory curriculum to students


  • Link real world work experience with academic learning

For society

  • Developing a highly-educated, productive workforce in underserved communities