Dear CRDLS community and prospective CRDLS families, 
We are excited to introduce to you the CRDLS Cheer & Dance Club! Though we are registered as a club, we function as a sports team emphasizing healthy eating habits and fitness for our members. Under the guidance of Coach B (Mr. Cardenas), Assistant Coach Ashley (Ms. Jackson), and Assistant Coach Eduardo (Mr. Martinez), we as a team are dedicated to teaching our students the value of leadership skills, good sportsmanship, teamwork, communication, competition/ game day etiquette, positive attitudes, and school spirit. No experience is necessary to join our squad! This is a brave space for learning and improvement. In order to be a successful member of the team, it will take 90% self-confidence and 10% skill. Our coaches challenge our students physically and mentally in order to reach their fullest potential and meet their individual and team goals. What is failure but a stepping stone toward success? Don’t let anything stop you from joining our cheer family fun, where everyone is welcome! Email Coach B at for any inquiries or concerns.