Cristo Rey De La Salle provides a quality private Catholic college preparatory education to students who could not otherwise afford one. We commit to ensuring that the educational cost to our families remains at a minimum.

We operate tuition on a sliding scale based on the family’s demonstrated need, this ranges annually from $100 – $2,500.

A large portion of the tuition is paid for by student participation in the Corporate Work Study Program. We subsidize the remaining cost of education for every student! 

Financial Eligibility

Because of our mission, we evaluate family income and financial need as a criterion for admission based on Cristo Rey Network Income Standards.

  • Every applicant must complete a financial aid application. Families are required to submit financial documents, including but not limited to the previous year’s completed income tax return and the current year’s W-2 forms.
  • The majority of our families qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch Meals
  • We consider the high cost of living in the East Bay and aim to provide opportunities to those that may not otherwise be able to afford private school tuition.