The students at Cristo Rey De La Salle East Bay High School are gaining valuable knowledge, both in and out of the classroom. We are committed to the following schoolwide student learning outcomes.

A Cristo Rey De La Salle East Bay High School graduate is a person who:

(1) Develops Academic Excellence and Intellectual Agency
  • Masters the cognitive skills, content knowledge, and habits of success needed to pursue a college education and a lifetime of learning.
  • Works diligently with our corporate partners, faculty, and classmates to respond productively to constructive feedback.
  • Practices self-direction, resiliency, and agency.
(2) Contributes to the Common Good Through Social Justice
  • Communicates with knowledge and awareness of socio-political and economic issues through a Lasallian Catholic worldview.
  • Exhibits cultural competency, builds socio-political capital, and leverages both for the common good.
  • Examines the structural injustices of our world, particularly the needs of Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area, and takes right action.
(3) Leads with Integrity and Respect
  • Builds community through the development of authentic relationships.
  • Maintains a lifestyle dedicated to wholeness through healthy mindsets and choices.
  • Utilizes restorative justice tools to heal interpersonal harm.
(4) Pursues a Life of Faith, Purpose, and Service
  • Appreciates our Lasallian Catholic heritage and tradition, and respects religious plurality.
  • Discerns personal gifts and talents and cultivates a sense of spiritual purpose.
  • Manifests compassion for self, our communities, and our environment.