One stop shop

Mental Health, Medical Care, and Day Labor Support

  • Street Level Health Project
    3125 E 15th St, Oakland, CA 94601
    • Offers walk in mental health services provided in Spanish and has a medical clinic and medication all for free without insurance requirements.  They also have services to sign up for MediCal and CAL Fresh as well as food banks and free hot meals.  They also support day laborers and provide wage theft and workers rights presentations while helping day laborers find decent paying work.  They offer Mam translation.  They are AMAZING and centrally located in the Fruitvale: 
MediCal/ CAL Fresh Enrollment
  • OUSD Central Family Resource Center         
    746 Grand Avenue, Portable A (off of parking lot)
    (510) 273-1516
    • Please send all families to the OUSD Central Family Resource Center and not the county offices. They will make appointments for families and it is easier to follow up and case manage this way, they can also help with troubleshooting MediCal issues. Spanish and Mam speakers available. 
  • Street Level Health Project also does CAL Fresh and MediCal enrollment and troubleshooting. 
  • Call 211 for daily food banks, they can tell you when and where they are being held.  I know Catholic Worker and Street Level Health offer them weekly. 
  • OUSD Central Family Resource Center
    746 Grand Avenue, Portable A (off of parking lot)
    (510) 273-1516
  • Food banks on Thursdays at 9am (families tend to line up early)
  • Call 211 for daily shelter beds
Mental Health Services
  • Street Level Health Project
    3125 E 15th St, Oakland, CA 94601
    • Drop ins for mental health services for adults all offered for free without insurance requirements. Counselors work in Spanish only and services are drop in. Call ahead for days and times.
  • Partnerships in Trauma Recovery
    • Mission: To address the psychosocial impacts of trauma among international survivors of human rights abuses through culturally aware, trauma-informed, and linguistically accessible mental health care, clinical training, and policy advocacy.  Therapy and services provided in multiple languages. 
  • La Clinica de la Raza Casa del Sol
    1501 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland
    • Offers mental health services in Spanish to people with MediCal.  You can ask them to come out and provide school based services if families are unlikely to make it to appointments at the clinic in the Fruitvale.  They offer groups for DV, Grief and Parenting all in Spanish as well. 
Family Services
  • Carl B Metoyer Center for Family Counseling (Family therapy only)
    9925 International Blvd. Suite 6, Oakland
  • Family Paths
    • Offers mental health services in clinic and in schools and homes.  They also have a 24 hour family crisis line for parents to get support/ advice (though hotline responders are not always available in other languages). Referral/ hotline number: 1-800-829-3777
  • West Coast Children’s Clinic 
    • Offers mental health services in clinic located at Fruitvale Bart. 
Women’s services
  • Mujeres Unidas Y Activas 
    • Focus of this agency is on immigrant women. Offers counseling and support groups and a crisis line for domestic violence and sexual assault.  Offers domestic workers rights support, offers childrens programs, offers ESL classes.  * offices in Oakland and in SF, always provides childcare during presentations and groups.  All services free and no insurance required!
  • The Unity Council
    • Offers a walk in employment support office with computers and staff to help people look for and apply for jobs, all staff speak Spanish, limited Mam translation.  
  • Street Level Health Project
    • Has a workers collective for day laborers (good option for folks without work permits, though they cater more to men than women due to type of work)
  • And when all else fails, we go to Craigslist!