Campus clubs are groups of students who have come together with a shared interest and purpose. Students interested in forming a club must complete the following steps before being officially recognized as a campus organization.

  • Identify a starting core of at least four students with a 2.0 GPA
  • Complete a “campus club application” which details the clubs mission, activities, leadership positions, meeting times and requirements for student membership.
  • All clubs must be overseen by a school faculty member and have at least one parent monitor.
  • All active members must submit a club participation permission slip to be filed with the department of culture.
  • New clubs will be placed on “probationary” status until reviewed after one semester of membership.


Campus dances are planned by student leaders and occur during special times of the school year. These are excellent opportunities for students to come together for socialization and fun. Campus dances will support the diverse entertainment needs of all students and be a safe space for students to enjoy.


School wide assemblies will happen seasonally to acknowledge and celebrate faculty and students for various accomplishments that positively contribute to school culture and climate. Assemblies will also be used as times for students to come together with faculty and discuss important matters that affect their ability to thrive both socially and academically at CRDLS.

2019 – 2020 Clubs:

  • Cheer + Dance (moderators: Mr Bryan Cardenas + Ms Ashley Jackson)
  • Grill Mastery (moderator: Mr Julio Orozco)
  • Horsepower Alley (moderator: Mr Ben Sigrist)
  • Cultural Appreciation (moderator: Ms Isabella Virgen)
  • Love Out Loud (moderator: Mr Neal Gutierrez)
  • Yearbook (moderator: Ms Aline Arreola)
  • Gaming (moderator: Roberto Montes)