Campus clubs are groups of students who have come together with a shared interest and purpose. Students interested in forming a club must see the Dean of Students for a Club Proposal Form. Students must fill out that form and answer the following questions before being recognized on campus:

(1) What am I and which Casa do I belong to?

(2) What is the name of my proposed club?

(3) What is the purpose of my club?  What are three goals that I would like to accomplish with the club?  Name at least one Schoolwide Student Learning Outcome that your club will attend to.

(4) When and where do we propose to meet?  Are the meeting times and dates accessible to all students inclusive of work days?  

(5) Who are 5 other students, including myself, who are interested in joining the club?

(6) Who is the faculty or staff advisor who can commit to sponsoring the club?  Have you already spoken to that faculty or staff advisor?

Current Clubs

  • Anime (faculty advisor: Corinna Sanding | student lead: Jose Pelayo)
  • Art (faculty advisor: Noy Hernandez | student lead: Esmeralda Madrigal)
  • BSU (faculty advisor: Coron Brinson and Ashley Jackson | student lead: Khaleah Holmes)
  • Cheer + Dance (faculty advisor: Corinna Sanding | student lead: Salaya Whitaker)
  • Debate Team (faculty advisor: Coron Brinson | student lead: Enrique Torres)
  • Dungeons + Dragons (faculty advisor: Julia Sitko | student lead: Chris Estrada)
  • Gaming | eSports (faculty advisor: Eduardo Valencia + Tim Tran | student lead: Malachi Ryan)
  • Horsepower Alley (faculty advisor: Gabe Luna | student lead: Maria Jose Sandoval)
  • LGBTQI+ | GSA (faculty advisor: Krystal Alvarez + Neal Gutierrez | student lead: Alex Robles)
  • LUCHA (faculty advisor: Aline Arreola + Arasely Padilla | student lead: TBA)
  • Mental Health (faculty advisor: Sheila Garcia + Eduardo Valencia | student lead: Charity Phan)
  • Movie (faculty advisor: Noy Hernandez + Arasely Padilla | student lead: Yamna Cordova)
  • Simmer Down (faculty advisor: Dennise Villalpando | student lead: Alondra Munoz)
  • Sound Waves (faculty advisor: Kate Brown | student lead: Valerie Martinez)