Theology Teacher

Mr. Del Toro hails from South Texas, but has traveled extensively doing mission work, particularly in Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico. Mr. Del Toro received his bachelor’s degree from University of Texas-Pan American, Masters of Divinity from University of St. Michael’s College Faculty of Theology, and Masters of Educational Leadership from Madonna University. His hobbies include coffee, orchid growing and traveling.

Mr. Del Toro is the youngest of five siblings. He grew up in a family of seven in a two bedroom house. His mother emphasized the value of an education, setting the example herself by achieving her bachelors and masters while raising her family. Through her education and the hard work of both parents, his family was able to lift themselves from their economic status. Mr. Del Toro has the same mission for all the students with whom he works. He is coming here after working at Detroit Cristo Rey since it opened in 2008. He is very excited to call Cristo Rey De La Salle home.