On February 13, the Corporate Work Study Program hosted a Supervisor Roundtable on campus. Twenty supervisors showed up to share best practices with one another and propel our student associates to greater success in their careers and lives.

The supervisors shared this insightful feedback:

What is one piece of advice you would give an incoming supervisor?
– “Be mindful of empathy”
– “Open yourself up in order for the students to do the same.”
– “Make their participation the metric of their success. Demand that they ask questions”
– “Do not underestimate their skills, especially their computer skills.”
– “Don’t be afraid to have honest conversations!”

Key Takeaways
– “It’s easier to make a student feel comfortable if you take the time to talk to them.”
– “It’s not a one size fits all. Tailor the work to the student’s individuals interests and personalities.”
– “Ask about their interests and they will ope up and smile.”
– “Include them in ‘real’ conversations with customers/clients via conference calls, then listen to their comments.”

What has surprised you?
– “How quickly they pick up learning new things and how dang smart they are!”
– “How smart they are and how difficult it has been to get them to open up.”
– “How much change I’ve seen so quickly. They are very open to feedback.”
– “How hungry they are to learn– faster than I’m able to teach.”
– “How different they are from each other.”
– “How funny they are.”

My experience so far has been…
– “So great–I know look forward to work.”
– “Mixed- I am excited to participate, but I’m not sure how much they are learning/enjoying their experience.”
– “Vey positive. It’s fulfilling to see positive changes and pride taken in their accomplishments.”
– “Mixed- Inspiring to work with the students, but it’s challenging to fit the skills with the students.”
– “Overall excellent–I wish I got acclimated to professional life like this in high school, but I also worry if the work to boring for them.”
– “Super rad. I love teaching them new things.”
– “Inspiring – They bring energy to our office and it motivates us to find new ways to engage the students.”