“Human Rights means for everybody to have the same rules. Equality means for women and men to have equal rights.”

“Same experience inequality others desire equality and few distribute inequality non-evenly to different crowds. What we all should be doing is give equality to everybody.”

“What diversity means to me is when different races are together and not judged by the color of your skin. What I think racism is when a person is treated differently because of their race, or the color of their skin.”

“Equality means to me that everyone is treated equally because we are all human beings and no one should be treated differently due to our race, color, culture etc. Racism means to me that one group of people or a couple of groups are put to the side due to their color or what people judge them by.”

“A time I experienced racism is last year my class took a school trip to D.C and when we would go visit the white house or go to museums Trump supporters would call us N**** This made us feel mad because since we were out of town we didn’t react.”

“I think these words are different, some of them mean to separate & have hate, but other words mean to come together and don’t have a judgment on people because of the way they look.”

“I believe that equality means everyone should be treated equally regardless of their race, sexuality, ethnicity, gender or religion.”

“Human rights to me mean that everyone deserves basic things like food, a house, respect, and love.”

“To me, human rights are something we’re all born within other word dignity. We all should be treated the same way no matter what.”

“What these words mean to me are knowing the difference between what is good and what is wrong. Human rights that we should be treated with respect. Racism shows that some people believe they are superior when they are not. Diversity should be shown more often in our world no matter who you are, you can make a change.”

“Equality is different from being equal. Equality is everyone being on the same level and everything is fair. When we have equality. It means that we are being treated as good as we can treat others the way we want to be treated. So, equality is for everyone to be on the same level and everything is fair.”

“I feel that human rights mean, having rights that are rightful as a human. If you are black, white, latino, Asian, etc. You still have the same human rights as everyone else regardless of your looks, ethnicity, religion etc.”

“Human rights we all get the same rights as humans. Segregation means that we should either interact with one another or that it means that we separate. Racism means where people believe in stereotypes.”     

“The word racism to me means when a race thinks that they’re more superior from another race, therefore they treat them badly and worse. The word equality to me means a time where we are all treated the same.”

“These words mean a lot they are just words they are more than just words.”

“Segregation means to me that it’s keeping two or more races separate from each other. I feel sadness when I hear this since I believe that everyone should be together.”

“The school does not have enough diversity which is why there are reasons to believe equality is similar.”

“One word that stands out to me is human rights because that’s what people have and should have. So they can express their feelings and thoughts in the right way.”

“The word racism to me means when a person criticizes someone by their skin color or ethnicity a bad way. I think everyone has been criticized or them criticize someone.”

“Equality, to treat everyone equally. Human Rights the right to be treated the same as any other human not mattering who they are or where they are from but just acknowledging that they too are human. “

“Everyone is equal. No matter the color of your skin, ethnicity or gender- we are all equal. We all have the same rights, no one has more rights than others.”

“For me, every time I hear these words it reminds me about all the hate and brutality. Many people have died because of racism and equality. To me, these words mean that equality, every person or every color and race.”

“A feeling that comes up when the word racism is that Diversity is a word that we use to separate ourselves from other races like like how we at Cristo Rey theirs more latinos than African American.Racism is a word to discriminate between one ethnicity.”

“Equality, being treated equally  are all connected but yet we put today down. Just live your life and love everyone.”

“I think human rights are very important because I think everyone should be treated equally. I think that segregation is horrible and should never be done again. I think racism is bad, equality is important and diversity is always good.”

“Diversity, to be different and just be you. Everyone comes from different background therefore everyone is different. So when you bring people together you have a diverse group.”

“MLK lead human rights movement to help people of color do more than they could back then. There was also lots of racism back then as well, but there still is today too.”

“These words all have different meanings, but all lead to the same thing. These words are used for every color and any person. These words are harsh and scary words that shouldn’t be here, but they are.”

“Diversity stands out to me because we aren’t the same skin color but we should be treated equally. Also, because we are all the same in god’s image so the skin color doesn’t matter.”

“What human rights means to me is being able to fight for what is true to you and others. For an example their were people that had a fight for our rights that we have today. When I hear the word human rights it reminds me of those people fighting for our rights.” 

“Human rights means giving human rights that allow them to be given a fair chance to everyone like equality. Segregation is the separation is the separation of a nation because of your skin color which is horrible to think about. Diversity is a mix of different people races and ages.”

“Human rights are surprised to be right for everyone. Racism is the act of being judged based on ethnicity. Equality is for everyone to be the same. Diversity is more than one race. Segregation is a part of all are rights.”

“For me, every time I hear these words it reminds me about all the hate and brutality. Many people have died and was hurt because the segregation and racism and equality. To me these words mean that equality, every person of every color and race.”

“In my opinion these mean or represent hate”

“Diversity means each and every one comes from a different nationality in a ecosystem. Diversity is mixed”