Algebra I + Geometry Teacher

Mr. Timothy Tran is a California native that was born and raised in Stockton. After finishing K-12 in his hometown, he decided to further his education here in the Bay Area. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with a concentration in single subject teaching at San Francisco State University. During his undergrad, Mr. Tran served not only as a retail manager but also participated in extracurricular activities that dealt with his passion for teaching. The Center for Science and Mathematics Education (CSME) was a teaching fellowship that included 40-45 hours of field work hours per semester on high (or middle) school campuses in the Bay Area. Mr. Tran has been a member of CSME for 6 semesters during his undergrad and spent his field work hours at both Lowell High School and Balboa High School, both in San Francisco. Most recently Mr. Tran serves as a team educator in the Algebra 1 class at CRDLS and during the second semester served as our Algebra 1 teacher full time. We are excited to formally welcome Mr. Tran as our Math Teacher at CRDLS!