Personalized Learning Instructional Coach

With over 13 years in both elementary and high school education as both a principal and an assistant principal, Ryan Brusco has spent his educational career developing a unique perspective as to what constitutes “readiness” for high school. Combining this experience with his role as the Deputy Director of District and School Partnerships for New Classrooms and Teach to One Math, Ryan has seen all ends of the educational spectrum, from TK-12th grade, and has developed a clear understanding what it takes to be truly prepared for the rigors of college and career. Specifically, students must have:

  • A sense of their role as digital and global citizens
  • A clear understanding of their learning style(s) and…
  • Most importantly, a strong understanding of agency

Ryan is a firm believer that a personalized education — where technology is appropriately leveraged to meet students where they are — is the future of education, and he has helped schools implement these forward-thinking programs as a school leader.  After helping his previous school to become the first high school in the nation to embrace the Teach to One personalized math program (and, later, a fully personalized curriculum via a partnerships with Summit Learning), he is even more convinced that this is the best avenue for modern learners to achieve the results they deserve.

Giving teachers the strategies to connect with students on a personal level — both educationally and emotionally — is the foundation for strong teaching and learning. Ryan trains new teachers to cultivate these relationships and prioritize them by being extremely efficient in the classroom with their routines and schedules so that they can focus on what matters: giving students valuable, timely feedback; connecting with families; and designing engaging lessons to meet the needs of a variety of students.