Personalized Learning Instructional and Leadership Coach

Lisa Tortorich has spent the majority of her career focused on educational innovation, curriculum design, and change theory in her roles as a high school administrator, university instructor, and professional development trailblazer.

Lisa most recently served as the principal at Moreau Catholic High School in Hayward, California and is the principal of the first high school in the nation to adopt the Teach to One personalized math instruction program. Lisa recognized that the need to address the needs of all students and in the first year of the program implementation, students made progress at over 4x the national rate.This unprecedented progress marked the beginning of a new Design Think prototype transformation leading to the expansion of the program across all subject areas through a partnership with Teach to One and Summit Learning.

Personalized learning is just one of the innovative strategies that Lisa has facilitated throughout her career. As an instructor at the Graduate School of Education at the University of San Francisco, she redesigned the curriculum for the Educational Technology program resulting in a transition from a traditional graduate school theoretical approach to an authentic application of technology integration and design.

As a school administrator, Lisa has introduced Design Think protocol and scaled up transformational change at all levels because the sense of urgency to reform current educational models is strong. In introducing personalized learning, bioprinting, senior capstone project, incubator space, 3D holographic science technology, TEDx, Canvas course management, and a hands-on Design Studio, Lisa became an expert in building prototypes, scaling up school culture for change, training teachers, and designing systems that authentically make a difference in the lives and academic success of all students.