Wholeness Counseling Intern

Elshia Vasquez is joining CRDLS as a Wholeness counseling intern from Saint Mary’s College. Prior to pursuing her Master’s in Counseling, she worked as a teacher for 12 years, teaching elementary, middle, high school, and even adults in the community of Richmond, California. Toward the end of her teaching career she began to notice how much she enjoyed talking to her students about their lives. That is when she realized she wanted to pursue a different role in education and counsel youth and adults instead of teaching them. Elshia enjoys physical activity often such as running, swimming and training the Brazilian martial art known as capoeira. She also has two children, of high school and elementary age, and she works part-time as a massage therapist. Elshia lives close to CRDLS in the Fruitvale community and is looking forward to getting to know our school community. Ms. Vasquez will be at CRDLS on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9am-1pm.