The Mustangs Movers and Shakers Award is awarded monthly to four very deserving students who received great feedback from their employers.

January 2020

  • Frosh
  1. Silvana Gonzalez
  2. Victor Flores
  • Soph
  1. Katherine Garcia
  2. Genaro Zaragoza

November 2019

  • Frosh
  1. Sandy Morales
  2. Mario Rodriguez
  • Soph
  1. Khaleah Holmes
  2. Rammces Hernandez

October 2019

  • Frosh
  1. Aleida Chavez
  2. Alonzo Moncada
  • Soph
  1. Yamna Cordova
  2. Andy Ramos

September 2019

  • Frosh
  1. Ta’Lazanae Tompkins
  2. Jose Tovar III
  • Soph
  1. Nuvia Alvarez
  2. Enrique Hernandez

February 2019

Daniela C.

Your positive attitude and demeanor is such a welcome addition around Armanino. You consistently exceed our expectations; whether it be your willingness to take on new tasks, consistently showing initiative, finishing projects at lightning speed or just being your friendly self. This is a huge accomplishment and we are so proud of you. Enjoy the spotlight and we will celebrate with you soon! Congrats! – Cathy, Helena, Edgar, Huda, Elias and Matt

Jose B.

I am so proud of how well Jose did yesterday. His level of professionalism and responsiveness has grown so much this year. He is taking more ownership, is becoming engaged and we’re able to trust him to work on more projects. Keep up the good work Jose! — Danielle Valle Gilchrist

January 2019

Jasmine F.

“Jasmin was completely autonomous today — she tackled all the challenges she encountered without querying me. It was eery 🙂 — I asked her a few times if everything was going well, and she replied (quickly) that yes, they were. I’m grateful she’s able to be productive without needing help; that’s exactly what I prefer. Just know that I’m here to answer questions when they arise. Keep up the great progress!” – Andrew Davis, CEO, Synergistech

Arturo B.

Arturo has transitioned from front desk work at St. Elizabeth Elementary School, to working directly for the Lumen Christi Academies, with a focus on social media strategy for the LCA and its constituent schools. “This is going to be a value add for sure on my end.”  – Rodney Pierre-Antoine, CEO Lumen Christi Academies

November 2018

Julian M. 

Julian is quick to learn the process for ProVision and has not needed to ask many questions about how to create the models. He seems to have a good understanding about how the hierarchy works in ProVision and what each level represents. His models are very clear and easy to follow. I believe he will be a true asset in creating the WFs quickly and accurately once he is granted access to production.

Alex R.

Alex assisted her colleague with social media reporting and data pulling. Her attention to details plays a crucial role and is much appreciated. Alex worked on her weekly social media assignment and as usual, did a great job. Her contribution and dedication are very much appreciated by everyone at the office.

October 2018

Salaya W.

When I first encountered Salaya, I looked past her quiet and reserved shell to see a young lady full of powerful leadership potential. Salaya is more gifted, courageous and beautiful than she even realizes. I am so proud of her for stepping outside of her comfort zone, stretching herself to pursue greatness and trusting me in the process. She has brought another sense of fulfillment to my life as I’ve watched her trust me enough to teach her how to soar. Salaya, you are so deserving of this honor and it’s only the beginning. Continue to bring yourself fully into every learning experience and follow your heart. You are going to make a great impact in this world! I’m cheering you on from the sidelines!

Jayden C.

Jayden did a lot of work today learning Adobe Photoshop and how a Digital Marketing guru uses it. He looked happy and engaged learning this new software. So proud of him. This young man greeted me with a big smile, firm hand shake and great eye contact. We sat down to get to know one another and next thing you know, two hours had flown by. My feedback from our Service Operations Manager was, “This kid is awesome!” Moe said Jayden was observant, asked questions, took lots of notes and had good communication. It’s a privilege to have Jayden here at San Francisco Toyota. We look forward to working with him.

September 2018

Emilio D.

Emilio really takes direction well. He got through a lot of contacts, work that requires concentration and attention to detail. He asks good questions, learns from my answers, and seems to thrive on trust and a little nerdy humor. I look forward to working with him each week.

Anna T.

Once again, Anna took on a new project and worked through it with limited supervision and little required instruction. What she did today has a large financial impact to our organization. She is both positive and focused when completing her tasks and never hesitates to pitch in.