It’s really happening! On July 9th, the founding class of Cristo Rey De La Salle East Bay HS St. Elizabeth Campus will walk on campus for the Alpha Summer Institute to start their journey of healing and transformation through education and work. Join us!

Last June, with much chagrin, St. Elizabeth High School in Oakland formally closed after almost 100 years as a parish and diocesan high school staffed and supported by Franciscans priests and Dominican sisters. This June—thanks to the support of Bishop Barber, to the leadership of the De La Salle Christian Brothers and to the generous support of key foundations and individuals—the St. Elizabeth campus comes back to life as the next generation of urban Catholic education in the 21st century takes form.

At Cristo Rey De La Salle East Bay HS St. Elizabeth Campus, we believe that economic status, zip code, gender, and ethnicity should not obstruct the pathway to educational and life success. Through a rigorous and personalized college preparatory curriculum and an innovative corporate work study experience, we prepare students of limited economic means to become men and women of faith, purpose and service. Cristo Rey De La Salle is an independent Catholic school sponsored by the De La Salle Christian Brothers and a member of the nationally recognized Cristo Rey Network.

I invite you to find out more about what is really happening. Contact us to find out the answers to questions like these:
– How are you providing an $18,000 Catholic education to exclusively low-income families?
– What do you mean by a rigorous and personalized curriculum?
– What renovations are completed on the St Elizabeth Campus?
– What’s the Corporate Work Study experience and how can my company get involved?
– Are you really planning on serving more than 500 students within four years?

I invite you to be part of our first round of supporters! Please join our community now and consider making a donation to Cristo Rey De La Salle before the end of June so we can open in the strongest financial position possible. I look forward to an exciting year and building a relationship with you that has the power to transform lives.

In gratitude on behalf our youth and families,

Mike Anderer
President & CEO

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