Although a short season, our JV Girls Volleyball team had many successes. Our student athletes learned to work together as a team, they learned to balance their school/work/practice schedule, and were able to pull off their first win against OMI in their final game. The Lady Mustangs were able to win their sets 2-0, finishing the season 1-4 overall.

A. Rivas shares, “What did I enjoy from this season? Not only did I get close to so many girls, but we created a bond with each other. We also got really close to our coach, Julio, even though we gave him so many headaches.” When sharing about what she looks forward to for next season, Rivas shares, “I’m excited about a lot of things next season. I’m ready for more girls to join and create a bigger and better team. I can speak for everyone by saying we’re gonna kick some butt next season as well.” Overall, Rivas shares, “I’ve learned to be more patient with everyone- we all just started out, we can’t all be perfect. I also learned how to play the game as well and I have to say…I’m not too bad at it. Overall, It was a learning experience for all of us and next season, we’ll be sure to have a lot of fun.”

Thank you to Coach Julio Orozco and to all of the Girls Volleyball players for a wonderful first season of Girls Volleyball at CRDLS! Go Mustangs!

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates as Boys and Girls Basketball Tryouts will take place in November with games beginning shortly after that! Thank you to all who continue to support our Mustang Athletics!