OAKLAND — The Corporate Work Study Program kicked off on Tuesday, September 4 and our student associates have wildly exceeded expectations!

As part of the Corporate Work Study Program, Cristo Rey De La Salle students work in a professional setting five days each month. Participation in this unique program allows students to contribute half the cost of their education, while gaining invaluable real-world work experience.

A few rave reviews from our Corporate Partners:

“[the CRDLS student associate] asks good questions and is very productive. I’m impressed and grateful…continues to be hyper-productive, getting through twice as much work as I’d expected…asks good questions, works well without supervision, and has a good attitude about taking on more difficult work. I’m lucky to have [the student’s] help.

— Synergistech CEO

“A quick learner and can work easily on his own. Because of his behavior I felt that it would be appropriate to bring him to a budget meeting that we had Friday afternoon. It was our annual process for presenting projects and requesting funding. The board members were quite happy to have him there. He picks up on the technology and requests very quickly. I look forward to working with him throughout the school year.”

— Kaiser Director of Finance

“Met many new people today and greeted each one with respect and a welcoming presence…look forward to our year together!”

— Diocese of Oakland HR Director