I write to you to share enormous hope during this Easter season as we navigate a period of unknowns. At the onset of this storm, our school pivoted immediately to virtual classes as the technology was already in place in our classrooms. I am humbled by our hardworking teachers’ efforts and the grace with which they are handling change. Our parents and students are also rising to the challenge. As educators, we are filled with gratitude for the privilege to work with these young people.

This parent’s note puts to words what we have heard over and over in the last few weeks:

 “I came home to some happy kids Thank you! … to all the teachers for their support, it is awesome to see my son and daughter happy through this smooth transition.”

I am amazed at the ongoing transformation of our students. With confidence and perseverance, they demonstrate optimism in the face of obstacles. They begin their day with a sense of purpose and joy that brings a smile to our faces. We miss their daily presence, but we are incredibly proud of their efforts to bring a sense of normalcy during this time. They are resilient yet thankful – and never more so than these last few weeks.

Much of this success happens because of dedicated supporters like you. We are grateful for your partnership and ask you to make a gift today to help ensure our students’ bright future. As always, and even more so during this time of uncertainty, we are deeply grateful for your kind and generous support.

May you and your family experience the joy and blessings of this Easter Season.

Warm regards,

Matthew D. Powell
Former Interim President