Educational success is a critical ingredient in breaking the cycle of poverty. Unfortunately, the immensity of the barriers of poverty, neighborhood of residence, gender and racial bias block many young people from flourishing, convincing many of them that educational success is not attainable. On August 15th, Cristo Rey De La Salle opened its doors for our inaugural school year with the intention of reducing those barriers for our students, enabling them to flourish and lead lives of faith, purpose and service.

At Cristo Rey De La Salle, we believe that economic status, zip code, gender and ethnicity should not obstruct the pathway to educational and life success. All of our students are gifted, talented, capable, and creative.

At Cristo Rey De La Salle, we unite youth and families to educators, corporations, nonprofits and philanthropists through education and work. Together we clear the boulders that litter the educational pathways of our students. We all accompany our students in their journey to lead lives of wholeness, purpose and agency. We believe in the power of our relationships to transform lives, not just our students, but ourselves as well.

St. John Baptist de la Salle wrote that the greatest miracle we can perform is to “touch the hearts” of youth. Read on and join us in the miracle!