Cristo Rey schools like ours partner with educators,  businesses and communities to enable students to  fulfill their aspirations for a lifetime of success.

Cristo Rey De La Salle is a member of the national  Cristo Rey Network, the largest group of urban  high schools in the country enrolling only low-  income youth. To keep schools sustainable and  affordable, founders pioneered an educational  model that uniquely integrates rigorous academic  curricula with four years of professional work.

Cristo Rey Works

Cristo Rey Network alumni graduate from  college with bachelor’s degrees at a rate  4x that of their socioeconomic peers.

Our Shared Mission

Cristo Rey De La Salle East Bay High School is a  diverse Lasallian Catholic learning community  that educates young people to become men and women of faith, purpose, and service. A  rigorous and personalized college preparatory  curriculum integrated with acorporate work  study experience prepares students of limited  economic means to succeed in college and in life.

Our Students

We serve families who earn less than 75% of the  median income in the San Francisco East Bay; our  students would nototherwise have access to a high-  quality Catholic education. 100% of our students  come from historically marginalizedcommunities.

Corporate Work Study Program

At Cristo Rey De La Salle, students help earn  their education by taking classes while working  at a local business five days a month, gaining  valuable professional experience and life skills.

Students are placed with corporate partners ranging  from small businesses to large corporations. Companies  engage students through a fee-for-service contract  which covers nearly half of each student’s tuition.

Partners Benefit, Too

Students aren’t the only ones who benefit from this  model. Corporate partners gain reliable, motivated  talent for high-turnover positions while accessing a pipeline of predominantly minority talent.

Educational Funding Structure

The total cost of educating each of  our students is $19,000 per year.  How are those funds generated?

1%–13%: Family Contribution

Each family is asked to contribute  as much as they can toward tuition. Families unable to pay at least 13% of  the cost receive tuition assistance.

45%: Corporate Work Study Program

Corporate sponsors pay Cristo  Rey De La Salle for student work, underwriting tuition and programs.

42%–54%: Fundraising

Individual Donors, Grants & Scholarships


At Cristo Rey De La Salle East Bay, we believe that  economic status, ZIP code, gender and ethnicity should  not obstruct the pathway to educational and life success.  We accompany students and graduates in their journey to  lead lives of wholeness, purpose, and agency. We unite  youth and families with educators, corporations, nonprofits,  and philanthropists through education and work.

We believe in the power of these relationships to transform lives.

Please joinus.