On the thought of creating a better future, I am excited to share with you a few changes for next school year. After researching best practices, listening to our student’s feedback, we are excited to share with you our planned daily schedule for the 2020-2021 school year. ​Monday-Thursday we will begin classes at 8:05,​ students must be on their seats when the 8:05 bell rings to be considered “on-time”. In addition, students will have a 10 minute break during the day, a 30minute lunch and ​dismissal will be at 3:55​. With dismissal being at 3:55 students will have their mentor period, but in addition will be able to ​schedule office hours ​with their content area teachers between​ 3:55-4:30​. Student run clubs will also have the opportunity to meet during lunch or after school to plan more activities and our student Athletes will be able to schedule more games and not miss too much class on game days due to early dismissal. On ​Fridays classes begin at ​8:05 ​and dismissal is at ​1:55​pm. Please note that this schedule is effective for non-working days. ​On work days students must report to CRDLS by 7:30am and are expected to be back on campus between 4:00-5:00pm.